Open Process Workflow & EDMS Webinar

31st January 11:00 - 12:00

This webinar will demonstrate how, as an IEG4 Revenues & Benefits forms user, you could augment your eForms solution with our integrated state-of-the-art Open Process Workflow and EDMS product.

Our solution offers: 

A powerful workflow which enables automation and streamlining of processes

Allocating and tracking of requests 

Storage of electronic and paper communications

Indexing against multiple back office systems

Ability to add extracts to support additional backoffice indexing

Use scanned documents to start a new process or attached to existing processes 

Share information, reduce duplication and improve data accuracy 

Reduction in re-keying and increases in efficiency

Reduction of errors, mis-filing document and case file damage or loss


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Webinar Host

"IEG4's software is designed to be intuitive and our customers are able to tailor it to their needs, ensuring that their customers engage effectively and efficiently in a way that suits all".

Jackie Gill 

Product Consultant IEG4