Fast Track, Self-employed and Reportal 

Webinar - 27th February 

14:00 - 15:00


This webinar will explore three of our key advanced functionalities that come with our Benefits New Claim & Changes in Circumstances product.

Fast Track allows your customers to opt-in to providing all their evidence immediately, allowing for a faster turnaround of new claims and changes whilst saving council time.

Self-employed claims are notoriously complex. By forecasting future earnings and allowed/disallowed expenditure this module makes the administration process quicker and easier.

Reportal provides advanced reporting and monitors form usage and lets the council view and export statistics such as risk scores, usage changes over time, integration issues, dropouts and claim origins for new claims and changes.


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Webinar Host

"IEG4's software is designed to be intuitive and our customers are able to tailor it to their needs, ensuring that their customers engage effectively and efficiently in a way that suits all".

Jackie Gill 

Product Consultant IEG4