OneVu - Webinar Programme

A customer engagement system which enables your customer to view personal information, search online services, upload documents and track the progress of their enquiry and in doing so creates a unique customer account experience.
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The OneVu customer engagement system which was designed with a mobile first strategy spans all of an organisation's departments and enables a customer to:

  • register/sign in quickly - they can even sign in using Facebook, Google and Microsoft accounts
  • view personal information and bills/notifications related to Council Tax and Benefits with real time authentication - no letter with PIN numbers!
  • search for and complete online services from all departments
  • track the progress of any request they make irrespective of department
  • view requests for information related to their request and upload documents - digitising the entire request.

Webinar Host


"IEG4's software is designed to be intuitive and our customers are able to tailor it to their needs, ensuring that their customers engage effectively and efficiently in a way that suits all.

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Jackie Gill

Product Consultant IEG4

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